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podcastMy name is Bruce Elliot and I love coffee, hence the chosen name for this blog, I also love computers, the internet, photography and music.  Marketing is my passion.  I live it, breath it, dream it every day.  I look at everything IRL (In Real Life) and the digital world and notice how things are marketed.  I learn, get new ideas, get inspired by watching the world around me.  I love photography.  Whenever I see something interesting I like to photograph it.  I also love writing, music and video. I have, as part of this endeavour, created a podcast series to compliment everything else that I’m doing here.  You can listen to the podcasts by clicking here or getting the podcasts from Apple Itunes by clicking here I also have a Youtube channel which you can check out by clicking here.




Kevin O’Leary for Prime Minister of Canada

I am officially campaigning for Kevin O’Leary to be the next party leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and our next Prime Minister.  I encourage you to show your support by becoming a member.  Simply click here https://olearyforcanada.secure.force.com/donate?lang=en&campid=FB0194  As Kevin has said, it will be one of the best $15 you spent.

This site is my personal site.  I personally like companies that have their founder out there as a wing pilot to the company which has its own branding. I am the owner of New Phase Web Marketing which has its own web stature, but I realize that the type of  content I may want to create, may not fit with the more formal personality of my company. This site is also a central station where I have junction with all my other web content that I produce.  As you can see from the icons in the header of this page, I tend to want to have at least some representation on all the major social platforms. I try to use the same brand “elliotcafe” as much as possible as my handle, @name, hashtag etc.  It’s a continuation of SEO, which hitherto, has been primarily geared to getting attention on search engines.  Now the attention and traffic can come from many places.  It is in an enterprise’s best interest to get that attention on as many platforms as possible.