In simple terms, Google adwords puts your listing at the top of page one in Google search according to the keywords you want to rank for such as “truck repairs” just for an example. If someone sees your ad and likes the wording of it, they might click it and then you have a new visitor to your site. When that happens you get charged an amount of money. How much depends on the demand for the keyword. It’s like an auction and the best positions go to the highest bidders . It’s called Pay Per Click (PPC) because you only pay when you get a click. But before getting into how much that can add up to etc. you need to look at it in simple terms. You are paying for traffic to visit your website. To draw an analogy, if you charter a fishing guide to take you to a great location for fishing, you still better have some good bait and some fishing skills. The captain isn’t going to do that part for you. Similarly, Google might bring you the traffic but if your website is horrible and doesn’t convert the visitors into customers then you can hardly blame Google for that. So, before spending one nickel on buying traffic, you should look at where you are bringing the traffic to and ask, if you were shopping for this service, would you be impressed? Would you pick up the phone and call or fill in the web form? Web marketing involves two very equally important ingredients 1. Traffic 2. Conversion.