The best photo editing software for Mac  Afffinity Photo

I love photography and I love manipulating images, even creating them from scratch.  I had a very long relationship with Photoshop for Windows.  I was very adept with the program and even though I tried other photo editors over the years, I never found anything that could compare.  But then a few years ago I bought an iMac.  I couldn’t bring myself to shell out the dough for PS for Mac so I kept using PS on my older Windows machine when I needed it.  I also used Pixlr Online Photo Editing which is a pretty impressive product that is free, can be used on any machine, doesn’t require installation in any way and has many tools similar to PS.  It also loads fast which I could never say about PS.  I dreaded the load time for PS, so much that I just wouldn’t bother sometimes because it was too time consuming.  But I still felt a void.  I wanted a very high end software for my Mac and kept searching until I stumbled on a free beta version of Affinity Photo.  I was almost immediately hooked.  It was all that PS offered and more.  I went through all their beta versions and when they finally went with the first release I bought it for around $50 or thereabouts.  Great value, unbelievable actually.  If you have a Mac and like to edit photos, you owe it to yourself to try this product.  They have a one week free trial right now.