You may not be old enough to remember when every business had to have at least a phone number and a fax number.  Some of that legacy is still evident even today.  But more typically, we give and ask for email address and phone number, perhaps even mobile number as a distinct thing.  Mobile phone numbers have become almost like an email address.  If you have someone’s mobile number, of course you can call them, but more importantly, you can text them.  Text messages are 10 times more likely to get noticed and replied to than emails.  But now there’s another angle you should be looking at.  Gathering social IDs from your leads and prospects.  Hey, if you don’t ask, they won’t probably offer.  But if they give, then take and add.  Here’s what I would consider asking for….  Twitter, Linkedin, Skype, and maybe Facebook (if it’s not too personal), Tumbler, Instagram and any other that they might choose to share.  When I get a new lead or prospect, I go looking for that stuff anyway, whether they give it or not.  My CRM (Insightly) accomodates those fields very nicely.