Traditional marketing is dying.  It is largely based on Interruption Marketing, bombardment and brainwashing.  It’s the stuff of the Madmen era.

Examples of Interruption Marketing

  • TV ads
  • Radio ads
  • Broadcast unsolicited email
  • Broadcast unsolicited fax
  • Cold Calling
  • Junk mail

Notice how people are finding ways to stop or block this type of marketing.

  • DVR skip ads
  • Netflix, no ads
  • Streaming music
  • Email spam filters
  • Unplugging the fax
  • Caller ID and National DNC lists
  • Movement away from regular mail for legitimate purposes

Consumers becoming empowered

  • power to avoid the interruption
  • power to share and make things they like or don’t transparent to the world

Inherent lack of trust

After years of realizing that corporations, lie and mask the underlying ugliness in order to sell, it’s really getting difficult for corporations to hide their ugly sins any longer.  It’s better for a corporation to participate in their transparency rather then let it happen to them by others.

Permission Marketing

Consumers prefer now to choose when they want to be marketed to.  They search the web when they are interested and give an implied permission to receive or view marketing material.  They are usually in buying mode and immensely more qualified as a prospect to be converted to customers.  When the consumer goes looking, the company better be ready, be found and make a great impression no matter which gateway the prospect may latch onto it from.

Social Networking

Social networking is not a place to brag and practice hard sell techniques that are remnants from the traditional marketing days.  Your followers are not giving you that kind of permission.  They want value, good content, your story, they want to get to know you.  That’s the permission they are giving, so best not to abuse it.