Actually my new BMW X6 has 10 onboard computers controlling everything from security, to NAV, to brakes,  to sound system, etc.  When I was in high school I took auto mechanics as an elective.  The only electronics device you needed to work on a car was a decent voltmeter.  Now I wouldn’t have the foggiest idea what I would need to work on the car’s electronics but I’m sure it’s not a consumer product.  I bought this car without even once opening the hood to see the engine.  The salesperson didn’t even suggest it.  I watched my dad buy many cars and after kicking the tires he would always open the hood with the engine running before even assessing anything else.  To me, looking under the hood would be akin to asking to see the inside of my Mac Airbook before buying it.  OK, I should know where to put the blue juice for the wipers but that ain’t rocket science.  This car doesn’t even have an oil dipstick.  I can use the computer screen to check fluid levels.  When I took delivery of this car, we spent the majority of the time inside learning what all the buttons do.  And I gotta tell you, that appeals to the James Bond in me big time.

So everything is turning into a computer.  My phone (Apple iPhone 6) is a computer.  One of my first priorities was to get my phone computer to shake hands with my car computer and work as a team.  It worked beautifully and the integration of the 2 provides an experience that I could only read in sci fi comics and dream about as a kid.  Pretty cool that I lived to see the day that a lot of that futuristic stuff became reality.  And what’s behind it is computer technology, bits and bytes, zeroes and ones.  I have been fascinated by computers for most of my life and made my career based on them and what they can do.  To now have an amazing one in my pocket and another one that I can drive around is just crazy cool