podcastWow, what a cool experience it’s been getting into podcasting. A month ago I barely had any interest in podcasts whatsoever. Now it’s almost become my number one preferred way to spend any spare time I can muster up. One of my clients asked me to help him start a podcast and I did and ended up learning a lot that I didn’t know. I started listening to podcasts of people that I’m interested in. I fit that into time that I often basically waste. Listening to podcasts fits easily into my gym workouts, driving my car, watching my son at the various after school lessons he takes. I love how it integrates with my car. I can be listening to a podcast at the gym, still listening while I exit and go to my car, then when I get in the car and start it up, the broadcast automatically cuts over to my car’s audio system at which point I remove the earbuds. The first time that happened it really surprised me, now I just think it’s cool. So I needed to figure out how to create a podcast. I had some advantage in that department because of a fairly extensive background in music and music recording. So i fired up Garage Band on my Mac and started to tinker around with recording. I already had a Shure SM58 mike and a boom stand. I had to figure out how to interface that to the Mac. I experimented with different methods and finally used my TC Helicon voice processor which I already owned for music purposes. It takes the signal from the condenser mic which is a weak signal and preamps it so that running a wire from the voice processor to the mike input on the Mac gives a hot enough signal that I don’t need to put the volume at max to hear anything. Using Garage Band I experimented with different sound controls until I got a sound that came close to CBC radio one or Howard Stern voice quality. I didn’t use the voice processor for anything more than a pass through. I like using Garage Band for voice processing better because it actually records the voice dry so you can tweak the EQ, ambience etc. after recording until you are satisfied. The next thing I needed was a podcast jingle which I created also in Garage Band by sampling some stuff, adding computer voices and playing some music using my typing keyboard as the input. Then I added PowerPress to my WordPress website, shopped around for hosting and settled on Blubrry. I recorded my first into podcast and then figured out how to get in integrated into Powerpress and a blog post. Then I figured out how to get the podcast to also appear on Apple Itunes. Wow, quite an adventure. Really fun actually. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in speaking what they have on their minds. Writing is fun also but it’s quite different than just talking into a microphone. I find with writing, I stop and think quite a bit what I’m going to type. I also erase and edit my words as I go along. But with podcasting it has a real live feeling to it. I imagine that I’m in front of an audience and just go for it. There’s no time to second guess what you’re going to say. Anyway, if anyone is interested in getting into podcasting, I’d be happy to share my knowledge, just drop me a message.